Digital Redlining and Why Some People Are Stuck With Slow Internet

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At the digital divide all year today. I want to discuss how today's broadband deployment mirrors illegal mortgage redlining practices for the past. Why would see similar devastating consequences down the line saying this. Is your daily charge here discussed. This problem is team at senior reporter. Sharp ticket welcome sharp. Thanks for having me. So i offer a listeners. What is redlining it's a. It's obviously a long standing. Practice has been around for a while but folks may not necessarily know what it is and the impact it's had writing is kind of a term that we've heard but a lot of people don't necessarily really remember realize what it was so it was a practice by banks in the thirties basically to map neighborhoods in the country. And say this is a good bet for mortgage loan. This is a bad bet And it literally redlined areas that had huge communities of black african americans so it was saying that anybody who lives in these areas are a bad bet Not worth making a home loan and so people who lived in those areas couldn't get home runs they couldn't they couldn't homes. They couldn't get insurance They basically were cut out from this really way to generate wealth and paths that wealth onto future generations. So what we've seen is that you know it's really had huge impacts on the black community in the united states so only about forty two percent of black people in houses versus about two percent of white americans and the medium black household only holds about one eighth the wealth of a white household and then also in these neighborhoods there's lower life expense expectancy Higher rates of chronic diseases worse impacts from covid nineteen. So it's really just something that you know. It happened in the thirties and the forties is kind of its heyday But it still having implications. Today

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