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Was still kind of something that We couldn't you know avoid, you know, is she doing 1000 times better right now, But just all that dialogue man, and we got to handle the pandemic a certain way so I can't imagine what it must feel like to our Children. Yeah, I mean, I'll take it as our normal is different than theirs because we have more time and experience. So for him, he's only eight. So I was like that. Even got nothing really, compared to write everything. First is exactly like that was weird for me, but it was more or less like, all right, cool. I gotta keep it together and, you know, make sure that he doesn't see it as anything that's gonna you know, affect his childhood or affect his family or anything like that. Long has everybody got their health and we kind of cruise through it. Then we'll make it a part of it. That was my main goal, man. You'll stick around your radios about Wiz Khalifa in the neighborhood, Big Boi's neighborhood spring, It's Showtime. I'm all over the D. M V and a bet MGM with baseball back the weather warming up, you love, hockey and basketball, And the action is better than ever this time of year. Perfect time to take your shot at an easy 100 with the king of Sports books. Sign up today

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