A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Round One - Naomi Osaka withdrawal reaction; Top seeds Thiem, Rublev & Muguruza dumped out; Kvitova's freak injury; Big 3 progress smoothly; Serena kicks-off Night sessions; Norrie sole Brit survivor


Dominic thiem crashes out and cam nori is the last singles brit standing a kim. What a few days. We have had in paris round. One is nearly a sunday monday. Tuesday i am absolutely loving it. We've had the holiday in the uk and it's just that may is just enabled me to sit on my safer have a drink and just take it all in and i feel that was the only way to enjoy round wa because there is literally so much to talk about. Yeah it's been around of thrills and spills but if debate and specs spectra as well and news is kind of reverberates. It outside of of the tennis world i think as well And it's also been lovely weather. I'm thinking those like some vibes like the tennis here in the u. k. And the style of the girls around the as well definitely getting those vibes again which is great But yeah there's so much talk about. And i guess there's any one place we can start really joe when that as with the a soccer News which is that. She has withdrawn from ridden garros. On really i guess you know. We talked about the fact that she had decided that she wasn't going to be doing the press conferences in our preview episode. But i don't think any of us envisage that it would lead to a withdraw rule and it's sent of debates are out into the atmosphere about you know the role of the press and mental health. And what we can do. The slams can do it. All the tennis governing bodies can do to help the players more Because we'll see us. August really struggling with mental health at the moment. She's know in a particularly good place is been a a real shock to the system has been a real shock to the tennis system. I think and i think this is going to be looked back. On as a landmark moment you know namely soccer's one of the biggest players in the school. Something like this happens. People are going to take note of it. We've already seen people taking note of in the you know in tennis in the tennis media Tennis players Former players journalists. And as well as everyone outside of tennis you know we. We've we spoke before the puck costs about the fact that your friends have been contacting us for like what's all sort of your viewpoint on it so it really is something that has struck a chord with lots of different people and i think when you look at this kind of story and kind of how. It unfolded really. There's been i think four kind of key moments particularly for me in terms of that statement asaka put out pre french open talking about talking about the fact that she wasn't gonna do media Gt's at the french open. We then had a sort of response from all four grand slams The know the coming days from her original announcement saying that's fine but effectively. They will kind of give her in and set the wisconsin. Rules are rules. And if you're going to be turning out to play my tournament you're going to have to essentially do media now. They did say that they had reached out to her in that statement but it was a collective thing between french open. Us open wimbledon and the australian open and then the bump show really kind of hit yesterday when again. She came out with another statement on on twitter to nounce the that she had withdrawn from roland. Garros which was all the more surprising because she paid a first round match and had one had looked pretty. Good and Yeah it just sort of the situation source of snowboard and a lot of people kind of saying that tennis didn't really handle itself in the best light and we've seen the the grand slams has come out with a completely opposite message offering support to a soccer and and being a much more feel less. I feel potentially kind of combative and arguably aggressive which i think some people have saw the original message as but seeing it now is a bit more supportive. This is about mental. Health is about opening up that compensation and the grand slams want to want to play a role in helping us all kabbah. Yeah i think maybe in that first statement that she put out in a prior to the tournament starting maybe the point she was trying to make didn't particularly come across as well as as we now understand from her scenario and the kind of anxiety and depression that should be she's been suffering and you know higher herrings. Rt dealing with the media. Which i think she's had throughout her whole career pov who she is. She's quite introverted and shy. It's a natural public speaker by any means which. I can compete any kind of undecided because i have a very Like versus myself. And it's i think. I think that maybe the team dropped that statement will management who was ultimately responsible for putting the out there. Maybe they could have made it clear which i know in her second statement. She kind of referred to an alluded to that. She could have made it clear but i think i. Yeah the slams. Obviously they try to reach out to her. I didn't know how how well they manage to do that. what the dialogue walls between us awkward not on the grand slams and the on the f. f. t. but i guess they were kind of going by the rule book you know there are rules and i wonder if they just thought. Oh if we if we make an exception for her other place starter you do the same. We're going to have like a big situation on our hands. Obviously we do have a situation hands. But i think in hindsight is probably is the best decision that she's withdrawn and say that she can take the time for herself. She needs to get help recover and kind of web three this but oh say for the governing bodies to kind of think well okay what can we. What can we put in place for players. Who really are very uncomfortable. Doing the kind of media requirements that the sport have and is there another sort of way through where they could kind of come to a balance where she d like a bit of media but not the same as before because it is quiet intense. Also and i'm sure there must be other players. He sympathised and say what rav a not go through. Eat as i experience off to every single match. They must be other things that they can do to engage with the playas but not

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