WWE Releases Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and More in Surprising Decision

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Buddy murphy. Santana garrett lana ruby riott alastair black and braun strowman all released from their. Wwe contracts are all Free agents now in the world well if professional wrestling is free agent so to speak. You know. I'm assuming that there's a ninety day non competes. Obviously i have no idea. I'm not. I don't know anything about law. I don't know anything about their contracts. I don't know anything about business. I watch a lot of wrestling but those one two three four five six superstars getting released. Come hot off the heels of last month's annex t releases velveteen dream. Jesmyn do vanessa born Schuyler story alexander wolf and those came right off the heels of april's releases from the main roster which shook the world. samoa. Joe bill kate. Peyton royce mickie. James chelsea green tucker policto beau dallas. Wesley blake and mojo rawley. And then of course. There were a handful of releases before that earlier this year. But i mean everybody's becoming a every went to business school today. You know i i. I don't think that it's levi. Came on. Here's that you know what i think you know what i think as i start to add up all the facts. I'm starting to think maybe. Wwe is preparing themselves for a sale. Like all of a sudden we all know about corporate business. Because it's the only way. I love it. That's what i love about wrestling. And i'm not saying it's not true by the way i'm not saying those. Those those thoughts are not good thoughts. I didn't great thoughts. I think that that's actually a pretty astute of sort of Analysis and a smart way of looking at what's going on. I don't think that that's there's plenty of of spots where you could see could. Wwe being sold to nbc universal. You know they're already paying two billion dollars for the network plus whatever money. They're paying for television.

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