Elon Musk's Starlink Could Get a Boost From German Subsidies


Satellite internet and other kinds of high speed. Internet service can be pricey before you can start using it. there's an upfront costs for. All the special hardware requires now. Germany is working on a program that could pay out a total of one hundred and twenty million dollars to cover those costs for its citizens. Initiative would be a boon for high speed internet providers. Like starlink the satellite internet venture from elon. Musk for more on this. I'm joined now by our germany correspondent boy pinch husky. Hey brian thanks for being here a and thanks for having me okay. So first things first. I wonder if you could start by explaining this problem of internet access in germany for us. Really why are they considering these subsidies in the first place. Yeah you see. It's a very unusual thing. That's going on around here. Because germany is europe's biggest economy and it's a technologically very developed nation a very industrialized nation famous for his various industries. Not least the car industry but however They've been struggling for whatever reason to provide fast internet to the whole of the population. I mean part of the reason is because investment hasn't been done into the actual sort hard infrastructure of of the ground networks required to bring cables to households and because germany kind of missed out on that. Now they're trying to serve leap over that. Phase of of internet access and just provide wireless internet beat from satellites or later from five g or from the wireless technologies and in order to achieve that in order to connect more people to decent internet source. They they are now considering or we'll be going ahead with subsidies for satellite internet and can you sort of connect the dots for us there. Why satellite internet essentially what. They're looking at is. They wanted to subsidize the purchase of the hardware required for households to receive satellite internet. Now the way it works is that satellite internet providers. Chaz starling elon. Musk starling that's one of the sort of bigger players in the market companies. What they do is they. Beam internet from their satellites directly into households in order to receive that you have to have a small satellite dish. You have to have a sort of a power unit and you have to have a kind of a router adapter and all that costs around five hundred euros in germany and the government is basically minded to cover the cost for one of hardware purchase in order to enable everyone who's eligible to get on the internet via satellite

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