The Email Paramedic: Reviving Dead Subscribers with Troy Ericson


Sometimes business owners only look at it way like. I don't know how to do this. I need somebody who can save me. Time indistinct us off my plate. But i wanna point out that when you have somebody managing your list for you. They don't just set it up. They actually find a lot of missing out on so for example in my favorite things to do is to go into automations touch them up. So very simple example would be Somebody hasn't abandoned cart. Email while i make it abandon car emails so like instead of one or two turns into three to five or in some cases like seven if they go into a particular series. We'll have browse abandons. Some people don't have like some kind of re engagement strategy. Some people don't have tracking set up to know when people are engaged How they should be using list hygiene properly on another thing too is any time for one of my clients any time somebody to a certain products for offer or calendar for the first time and they don't book or take action that we want them to take they get a follow up email about it answers a lot of their objections. So all these ways to like find money on your list literally just hatching holes with emails And that's where the strategy comes into play where you have. Somebody really intelligent engine. And they're literally finding money for you All the time and these emails once assembled their automated. So you know that you're not missing out on anything when you've got somebody mart manager west. Yeah i mean the the thing is with email list management is. You don't know what you don't know. That's how i see it. Is that once you get somebody to do it. And you start seeing the value hard for people to qualify paying somebody to send a couple of emails. But then like i said as for me is after i got into. It was like holy shit. This is insane. This is intense stuff like whereas i i before i got into it. It was like oh yeah. I'll just throw a couple emails and that'll be it so i do see. I definitely agree with. There's so much value there and there's so many things that you can do and how to communicate with people and how to make things work better at least for me we've we've Automated one process of one part of the business. And it's taken away like so much just like back and forth work Just because it's all getting done automatically and people are

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