Part 2 Being a Witness, Storytelling, Play, and Art With Ella Reilly


Then I have another lovely example of, you know, a child very much taking what they need and knowing what they need. And, and I had this little guy in Iraq and this was ages ago, but he, you know, he had come in and was it was pretty obvious that it was kind of an insecure attachment. So a lot of distress with new people and unable to leave home side. You know, very much stuck to her. Glue, you know, wouldn't move with it were moving and so we, we did a lot of work around that move. Eventually got into sections that are owned and in one of our sessions, he walked over to to my books cuz they helped him quite load off the kitty ones. And he picked up the one. What is it called? A little babies? You come across that one. I haven't. I'm writing it down though. I will babies and I will, I hope you ma'am. Let me grab the the order so it's a really beautiful and yeah, it's called our babies and it's by Martin waddle. And it's illustrated by Patrick Ben Branson. Now it's a relatively old book. I got a second-hand version on Amazon but he picked this up off and the story is is basically about one night. These three baby owls. Wake up and Mom has gone. Okay. And they're, they're in the dark and they're they're in a forest and it's nighttime and and the three babies react very differently. But the youngest is is distraught and very worried and very much just cries out for Mom throughout the book. And and then, of course, mom eventually comes back after they try to comfort each other and, and do all sorts of things. Mom comes back. And I just love her reaction cuz she comes back. And she says, what's all the fuss? You know, she could come back and I remember, he picked up this book, and I read it to him. And he kind of looked at me, when I finished, she looked up at me and looked at the back of the little baby. And put his hand over the smallest owl and then just closed the book and put it back on the Shelf. But that will him, you know, he's, he's not baby owl, you know, as soon as this goes upstairs in high circles, the bathroom work goes to work. He's worried the whole time, you know, where's mom wears?

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