Our New Post-racial Myth


So it's all laid out in this piece in the atlantic which constantly publishes left-wing pieces that have a veneer of intellectuality that that is the way i would define the atlantic the new york times Opinion writers are are more street fighters. The atlantic has this patina of intellectuality. So the abram x. can be pieces worth analyzing. He is their foremost spokesman for america being a racist society so this article just published is their way of explaining it and it sounds very effective to his students. I am sure at boston university and tool your kids who go. Oh my god black baby style twice the rate of white babies that proves that there's racism in america. We don't care about black babies dying. No evidence ncis is given for how exactly. Racism produces this a fifth of native americans. And latino americans are medically uninsured. Does he include illegal. Immigrants in the latino americans. What if he does. Do you think it's an honest. Condemnation of the united states almost triple the rate of white americans in asian-americans native people see he switches when he can't find the data for blacks so he goes to native americans

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