A highlight from Carolla Classics: Theo Von, Dana Gould, and Ivan Reitman


Little glimpses into what it was like during those times. My name's chris locks on the executive producer of the adam corolla show and with me as always corolla archivist fangio vanni robotic. Thanks for listening. Yes thanks for listening. We love doing the show and we love that you guys can have some more adam karol in your ears during the weekends and these we always pick some really great clips in this first one. We're gonna kick it off strong with dana gold. He was played on classics before this clip. I love it. He's in twenty fifteen gina grad. Brian bishop awesome this clip episode. Fifteen twenty two. It's for march of two thousand fifteen dana whole segment the premiere of genus first news theme and genus full news. It was a very Strange show format wise so just trimming off the end trimming off the opening couple ads. It perfect running time for this. Check it out. Eighteen grant and bald ryan. You like roller coasters. Mother fucker most requested top. Drop over the course of time and what better. Time to play it. Dana google then studio the up comedy club in chicago coming up the twentieth and twenty first of march. Also podcast dana. Gould hour on itunes. Whenever somebody says to me who like getting up on stage with your name david alan grier already lying and then i start to fade out. Dog gets slid inch horn. And then coast after that you describe. What's funny is the thing that we do that. So special is that we're professional actually dry. Well i used to. I used to say that when we do our morning show because people come in at seven oh five and their publicist pushed them in there and it was contract contractually obliged to show up so they would just sit there plugging their new comedy half asleep and mostly pissed off come across as sort of stilted and unfunny and tired and then they would leave thinking. They're checking that box. Only box checked was everyone who listened. Thought they weren't fucking funny. I always used to say. Don't do it for me do it for you. Yeah i have my listeners. Listening to you your record yes please go play it and hopefully the people shall dance. It's if you don't show up two zero if you show up and you're you're cranky or tired or on or whatever then it's negative points right the best advice i ever got from anybody. Who was from. Kevin rooney who said It's a show you could be

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