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Double Toasted


Isn't crispy chicken sandwich or the discipline and lab. Donner's up up mcdonagh's participant. Welcome everybody to what was called again. It's who you got. I forgot who. I am and the name of this show. It's been so long sir. I don't have any money you could you. Please leave my screen rude. That's a little also totally interesting. You know what. I she'd even play late when you and i addressed a like man. I called christian up before the show. Let them know his pink shirt day. Here can't even look i. This is my garfield Trans rights or human rights shirt. I'm making a political statement. What's your i'm garfield man. No cats to be had on my chest. People just been so long. I forgot what this show is. But it's all coming back now with this witty banter that i have with mr christian tour over here. I'm cory coleman and this is the double talk here on double toasted this double toast. It's probably most conversation will show that we have here. We say some funny things. We do some stupid stuff but we just like to sit down and kind of chitchat about things that is christian tori is over. Here brings up normal likely alex things around here. But i'm gonna give respect where respect do want to but i'm going to mr christian torres puts this show together and he has quite a show for you today. Some interesting things to have conversations in discussions about. But let's have a conversation and discussion about how you're doing today christian. I'm well mostly. Well let me give you some shit. I wanna say. I was a real big fan of your in the heights. Review that featured not only zero puerto ricans even though you know one but you brought in that fucking dog. He brought in that terrorist That little chihuahua of yours as the only spanish representation in that review. Congratulations thank you. Thank you i try. I realize how important representation is Brought the two our here. You know what there were. No there were no latinos. Like exes leading latinos hispanics. Does anything else around here in my house. So i had to reach for the dog. Man i am so sorry. Were you offended sir. No all. I just thought it was really funny and i was like. Oh maybe sebastian or carlos or somebody will be there just pixie just that fucking little little dog terrorists that i hate so much ruining my day. Sebastian people i know a lot of puerto ricans some of the ones that you know. Sebastian is the guy who's considered as my young latin lover. When we go and and carlos were somewhere contemplates set on fire shooting up some people because he was having a hard time man. He didn't get a job. He was going forward. So i told people who give him some love. So i'll let carlos go for. Oh now i don't do this. Why she heard me talking about her fucking burning on. I was just heard elsa sir fuck it. She's like the raptor in jurassic park. You know you hear her before you. I know every time you think the show is going on christmas. like shit. clever girl part about that is like about the cognitive. Like dude is about to get mauled by fucking raptor in that movie and still has the wherewithal to be impressed by the they're wrapped. It was so cool to give respect before he died because that full screen. I love that parker. These creed is but he was cool before you went before i die horribly. Let me go ahead giving you a respect clever girl. I want to recognize his game. And i actually want to see part man since we brought up people. Welcome to the show and is good to have you here to tell you about what we have here today Let me see here but before we do speaking of clever girl. Let's talk about some clever people up in here. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the one. The only the very clever believe me they are because they talk shit about me every day. I'm like that guy. They talk shit about. I mean i'm mad about it. But i have to say damn clever girl. Yeah people the very clever chat fan starring the og chat bringing in them visuals on and we got. Let me see here. let's see here. We got The side bitches. I'm looking at some thoughts. Awesome as team before. Let me see here depot junior good evening punks us a nice as i've ever. You depot junior. That's the most polite. I've ever seen them. I think he wants said please park. But i'm not sure. I might have been somebody else. Jour-jour cat dj allen the black knight gig gig chasm gig as that's just enough to have key. Chasm is a geek azam and a nexus along with it. Yes people who hold on. What is the next of a geek. Chasm like what's that criteria comprised of course. Do we know a lot of people. Say they really don't know but you will know when you feel it. Deep feeling fucking. What is what i'm saying. I guess what i'm asking you is. It is a physical involuntary reaction to something that is geeky. Is that what it is where my just coming in my pants from watching trailers and shit like what. What does this actually mean. All of the above all right. Whatever i'm sorry that's my bad a hey asking you should receive man. I mean you might have wanted but you should receive austin. Aac is south korean sexy. Aqua king jesus christian as a lot of stuff in there even i'll take it even gig as next. this is all fucking The professional with gary oldman resist like. That's what's happening depot. Jimmy says this the movie team up. Everybody's been waiting on and we'll give it to them. Awkward man versus joanna man. I'll let you decide. People have been clamoring for a long time but it was tied up in the courts. I'm glad we can finally give the people what they want is here now. Lynn lost child. Will you will lutts no more you of found right here you away. You belong right here on the double talk double toasted with joan man is sexy aquaman over here. Let me see here. People glad to have you here today. We'll tell you what we're gonna have in a little bit on the show and christian did put up a nice show for you. It's been a couple of weeks since we've been here. Christian was dying two weeks ago. And i was in new york last week so glad lived in wish. I was in new york. I like i like when i best show. It's because i feel like. I'm literally on death's door when you miss a show it's because you're getting some fucking ancient mystical shit put into your skin. What's up with that. Yeah well this is the source of my power man. United had to get this look at that. He froze looking at he froze. Most people may most people they freeze looking crazy shit and froze with the nicest smile. Yeah i wouldn't jesus. Well i told you the last time. I froze i was like fucking stalker. Looking at a window was likes up like stare at your soul and even that was sexy. And you did this. It's not that stupid. It was a nice smile man. Damn i wish i could get sexy glitches like you get man you are so sexy that even your glitches good. Jesus amazing. i had a friend of mine who always took a good photograph. No you could sneak up on her. You know what i'm saying. You could wake her up at four o'clock in the morning with a fucking old timey like those giant flat like civil war cameras and shit and the picture got developed djelic i. I don't know what's going on. But apparently only in the medium of digital's internet's shit's due. I do. I look good no matter what happens. I don't know what kind of power you just lucky in life. But you look great. It was almost like you pose for the camera and they stop just like those movies where they say smile prisons and then they cut to a freeze frame that prison looking to hottest fucking start rolling. Yeah yeah get it man. Awesome man awesome for you fuck you. I'm just jealous jealous. Envy envy's back color on you coleman. Oh boy i'm going to say this is the greatest moment of respect in movie history right here.

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