Is the BIG3 Here to Stay?

The Lead


While to sean. You recently wrote an in-depth story on the big three as it returns to action. After cancelling the twenty twenty season due to covid nineteen. How did this come onto your radar and before you wrote this story. Did you consider yourself. A big fan. Obviously had heard about the victory. You know anything associated with by going to make the news. And so i've been away for a couple of years but i hadn't really thought about pursuing a story on it just because of come looking for a connecting line to something that was relevant to area here in vegas Just randomly data models. Pr e mails saying of combines than be here in vegas. I mean might as well go check it out. See what it's about. The combine was a our canaan. Basketball academy argued vegas kind of a small local gym right off the strip so little bit away from audit lists glamour walk in and almost like high school gym. That you look to your left is q. Other familiar faces. Little walk. Past is key. I look to my left and bill russell. It's just sitting there casualty in a chair glance. Though there's no way as i was i was frozen. I don't wanna be awkward. So i kept walking and tried to play it off as you move around the gym. They had rap music loud but people mingling and talking and so it's pretty immersive. Experience is kind of looking around legends. Like i said bill. Russell is dr j. in obviously basketball's going on so eventually i look towards according to seeing guys are actually you know trying hard obviously. They're trying to get drafted so they've given a thrall warm. Nba guys that you know you know what made billions of dollars trying just as hard as you know some unknown phases which may see out there and so you realize pretty quickly after be something. That was pretty serious insignificant.

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