Former Mauritanian President Aziz in Jail Over Corruption Charges


The former president of mauritania mohamed abdelaziz was jailed yesterday. He had been indicted in march accused of graft when he led the country between two thousand eight and two thousand nineteen allegations that he denies while under house arrest. He failed to report to police. Sparking is president. Mauritania is a large but sparsely populated west african country who society is deeply divided. Partly that's down to a long history of corruption but also suffers from a legacy stretches deep into its history so martina has actually a long history of slavery representing abolished in one thousand. Nine hundred one lead. That was any backed with criminal laws in two thousand seven. Kinley salmon is an africa correspondent for the economist. Martinez made up of morrish. Elitest can people and also black people of african origin but black mauritanians. Even those who have free of slavery of have been persecuted deported back in nineteen eighty-nine in particular an all. this history is created. Really quite deacon equalities in divisions that still very evident today the countries have been beset unfortunately by a number of coups and corruption so i. It's an a challenge in place and in currently for example stands one hundred and fifty seventh on the united nations human development index. It's a send a country that has had a troubled past and what about its future. Any of that changing Well the signs of change those a presidential election in two nineteen which led to the country's first ever peaceful transfer of power and the new president. Mohamed olga swanee. Many people thought he would follow the status quo but actually acted against the former president allowing parliament to investigate corruption and that's led to arrests of officials including of the former president himself

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