Joy Behar Tells 'Inappropriate' Joke About Gay NFL Player Carl Nassib


Well, the most quote unquote woke person on that panel is Joy Behar, right? Professional victim, Joy Behar, and she was talking about the story that there's an NFL player. That announced yesterday that he is gay Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib. He announced that he was gay, and he becomes the first active NFL player. To come out as gay. A couple other guys have came out after their careers. And if you remember Michael Sam never made the the opening day roster, so he was never on an active roster. Really? So the Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib is this guy that's been in the league comes out on. Social media says that he's gay. So Joy Behar Says this today. Las Vegas. Okay, spread, you know, Anna and after after they said, penetration in the end zone, they lost me. So funny. Is this a sign that this A little awkward pause there at the end. Wow, She's yucking it up, makes the penetration joke because the guy comes out as gay whatever. It's a cheap shot. But again, I'm looking for some consistency. Imagine what would happened if that were Laura Ingraham that said that or that were Dana Perino That said that There would be people in all these networks demanding they be fired all the advertisers demanding that they pull their money from this kind of stuff, But because it's the left, and there are different rules for the left. Joy Behar just gets a little chuckle, and nothing's going

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