Partnering to Reduce Risk & Do More Exciting Work with Frank Hannigan


Let me ask you a little bit by strategy cried. So are you an employee strategy Are you a founder and owner. Yes the way we have. We have four partners at the moment. They run the company and we work together. We work separately. And that's the way it's almost like is not dissimilar to the way legal practices were so we have four partner shack. Roddy margaret's myself. Our hoping to more each of them have domain expertise and also vertical experience and so they will have sense. We would prefer to all his work in paris. So i would have worked in paris number of our people both partners in the socio. That's how that's much more effective because it the risks from the client's perspective but also you tend to have applied effect if you have two guys coming in to the same problem with a different lens. But sometimes we we all work on the same problem so we all work on projects. French fries added together. Which is grateful and again you got network effects. Were having a smart people. Beat each other up beating each other up our ideas up together and that's good because we trust each other but we have different starting points right. Different perspectives on the same problem. Okay so one question. I think the people struggle with is is what actually is strategy. And you've got right there in the name and you are an expert in strategy strategy consultant. So can we talk about strategy for me. Because i think people struggle with trying to pin it down define what it is. I think if you can't explain what it is. Whatever your domain then you don't know enough about it so a strategy for me is desperately simple. It's from a latin. Were from a greek word which means generalship. So it's the organization of people resources over time to achieve and calm and we work with the way we work with companies is to try and make that a simple in as practical as operational as we can so typically we will start off not what the mission vision objective statements. We'll start off. We have a mapping process which we've developed over the last five years we help them to talk about the roots of their complete who they are where they came from a wide. They set up their company than we try and get them to inc where they are right now at their value proposition is ripe. Know what their client base is right. Now what their sweet spot customers right now. Are we build a whole range of if you like information that allows them to sit back and go. Well actually yeah. I kind of knew all this. But i never saw renton data maps

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