3 Habits That Will Change Your Business and Life


The good thing about habits is that once you form them. They're actually hard to shake. Actually become who you are because a big part of your life and you don't let them go with other good or bad but sometimes starting a new habit is really hard to pick up so throughout today's lesson. I'm gonna give you some tips on how to pick up this habit how to make it. A part of your life had a stay consistent until it becomes one. You just can't shake a lot of research out there about habits. One of my books is charles. Do higgs book the power of habit. And there's a lot of studies about how long it takes the form a habit. You'll hear thirty days you'll hear twenty days but the study found that i really trust and what i actually found has worked for me or a has been true to me is habits. Really gift formed within forty days. Let me is a little over a month just under six weeks if you think about it. If you do something for six weeks it just becomes a part of your life. That's all pretty long time in terms of doing something consistently personally. I think that twenty days kinda short It's easy to kind of get out of habit between the twenty and thirty day mark and of course it all depends on how challenging creating or picking up. This new habit is for you personally. So i like these rule from a forty days. Do this for forty days and you will make it a part of your life do for four days straight and you will regret so this with the first habit that will change your business in life and i know when you hear some of these are going to be like really omar. Yes and i will explain so the first habit is waking up early. I know this sounds like you've heard it before. And so many people say this. And yeah omar. I read the miracle morning by hal. Our odd and i know that all the best achievers do this but this is really hard. Well there's a reason why you've heard so many times. There's a reason why you know all the cheever's jewett is because this actually works. This actually helps you in so many ways

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