PRO TALK With Garage Outfitter Aaron Cash


Thanks very much for being on the show. It's a pleasure to see you patrick. Thanks for having me. It's a pleasure. Thank you are the fourth or fifth canadian. We've had on the show so you're doing a great job the represent your country. Thank you for being on my pleasure. It's great to be here. Can you please talk about your business. You have a franchise Garage outfitting business. And can you talk about how that got started. And how many franchisees there are and where they're located in basically how it works the star. Yeah absolutely so Garage living was started in two thousand and five as an independent single entity. company We had Focus on on simply Doing garage organization for customers in our local market and that business grew and in two thousand and fourteen we franchise the concept and we now have thirty four locations with twenty eight Across the us and six across canada and since we started we've completed over twenty thousand garage projects. That's incredible to me so interesting. Did you have an interesting construction before you started this company. How did it come about so. I've always been interested in construction and building I consider myself handy but don't have a background in in any specific trade or carpentry. More just doing projects with my my my dad at at the category at his cabin I have a business background and This was an opportunity that came about You know at the time when we started. Hgtv was like splitting and there was so much. Focus on home improvement and diy and increasing real real estate values in flipping houses and the big box retailers. Were opening a store a day across north america. And you know garages were were really. That forgotten are a space in the home that was getting very little attention and had a ton of potential.

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