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Got so frustrated that you know the central bank barbados was talking about they want to support elevation on entrepreneurship and they wanna uplift barbados and i got frustrated and i went to the dog so world and i said look you wanna support innovation that's what we were building here you wanna support entrepreneurships that's what you're looking at and you wanna uplift barbados this is gonna put us on the front of the global stage if we do this on right now you're the only thing standing in your way and he looked at me said gabriel bro i won't put my neck on the line for this business or for you but i can see the merits and what you're building so i will give you a non of approval from a wait and see perspectives pursue what you're doing continue build out and i won't hinder you well a we continue the battle and we ran straight to the brass we held a press conference and we launched a beta version of the barbados dollar remembering large this wasn't legal tender and it's not legal tender at the time it was just representation of the barbados dollar digitally very similar together except our operational policies mandates would be designed around those the monetary expansion policies of a central by by run by a private company until the central by gave us the full approval on authorized this of legal tender and

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