Building the Ideal Lakers Starting 5 with LeBron James at Point Guard

Mason & Ireland


A micro dose in las vegas covering the lakers 'em what's the reaction to the news yesterday the chris haines a reported that lebron's gonna play point guard lebron normally only has the ball in his hands so to me it wasn't that big of a deal but it seemed guinea huge reaction on you know on social media and on sports website what from where you're sitting what's the reaction been like in vegas i sympathize with you john the because if you watch the brian james playing his whole career he's almost always play point guard in the half court offensively right they since literally since he was a rookie that they've had guards around him at various points like a more of just the shooter but didn't have the ball the whole game talked about a mario chalmers even kyrie's who's really more of a shooting guard than a point guard and you know last year with the lakers lonzo is different in some senses but lonzo wasn't really operating in the half court with the basketball ball so to me that's really nothing different about that we've seen throughout his career and i get the way the report restructured you know did make it seem like that i guess it all depends on what you're gonna do what you're starting lineup but you could still have the bron play quote unquote point guard announcing in have another guard start the game whether that hey i mean the lakers have a lot of options not right is it is it alex caruso is it every proudly is it rondo is it even even casey p if you wanna go big in and let somebody else bring the ball up for i don't know that's what frank vogel gonna spend the summer answer any can figure out but i'm i'm with you ireland i i didn't really think that was much different from what we've seen throughout the bronx career all right so they announce halfway through the same demarcus cousins is joining the lakers a dead already prior to that signed jim vail mcgee an in mike you and i both know the teams now tend to go small and sometimes interim any center on the floor but who do you see do you see those guys this kind of eight option they option b senator you see one of them in trenches of the starter is it yet to be determined what who would you how do you think those minutes breakdown between mcgee and cousins i do do see it as a split and not only that i think that a lot of times the best line up through the lakers will be at anthony davis playing at the five in going small small is you could be with a six eleven shot blocking a young guy like davis at center and then the bron for maybe cruising with the three and if you wanna you wanna stay big there you go danny green in casey p or or caruso so that that to me is what will end up happening in crunch time more often but i do love especially for what they got him that i like be upside with

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