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Media Guy Tried to give tiger woods advice if I had to get adjusted for the open I'll tell you right now. John would who caddies for Matt cooter. He doesn't subscribe to that whole body clock thing you know what he does. He stays on the same thing like he doesn't try to adjust avenue with shots hitting during the open not. Would you like to be asking a guy with the yardage is who is sleep deprived and can't add or subtract. I would say it's kind of important for a guy who's an A._T._m.. A._T._M. machine like Matt Kuchar A._T._M.. Machines Redundant Machine A._T._M.. Yeah Big Time A._T._M.. Machine no it's not yet is you basically just called it an automatic teller machine machine. Yes I know what it is as you were. It's an A._T._M.. Machine S._E._C. Conference yeah exactly that's right the S._E._C. Conference. That's exactly right yeah. That's where I live. No it's going to be hey. I got a question for you too so the after party should it cannot take can I can't percent. Can I post them. Yes okay here's what I try to do. I wait to see someone else do it I after I do. It's free wheeling like what else the after party for the upfront. I was taking pictures with the modern family cast. You're good okay

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