Richard Linklater, Beanie Feldstein And Ben Platt discussed on The Empire Film Podcast


Something to keep you busy while you do because richard linklater uh-huh richard linklater is setting up a new adaptation of a musical. It's gonna star beanie feldstein of course having a phenomenal year and ben platt who who of course was the star original broadway star of der evan. Hansen had a great great start in musicals there they will be starring in stephen. Sondheim's merrily. We roll roll along. I sometimes stories over twenty years and richard. Linklater has taken this literally and decided. We don't need no old age makeup. We don't need no c._g._i. A._g._i. We need a twenty year shooting schedule so that's what they're gonna do so i'm intrigued in the when they may boyhood which was over twelve yeah yeah. They did it in secret yeah so now for twenty years n._f._l. Scenes calls up and going to be continuous about it and that's a good thing

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