Stop vaping and e-cigarette use ‘immediately,’ city health officials warn


Well with the kids back in school or about to go back to school and vaping is a big topic in almost every state in the nation the city of Milwaukee is taking a stand ABC's Kenneth Moton says health officials are out with an urgent warning stop using E. cigarette devices immediately or comes after sixteen people who use E. cigarettes were hospitalized with chemical pneumonia patients range from teenagers to people in their thirties Ken Barnes this twenty six year old son Dylan is among she says he had been baby for less than a year and almost died this month I don't think he was gonna come out at I thought that I was seeing my son the last time this morning comes just days after officials in Illinois announced the first death believed to be related to the E. cigarette use the CDC is now investigating nearly two hundred cases of severe pulmonary illnesses linked to beeping in twenty two states those patients in Milwaukee each reported using vape products or marijuana oils in the weeks and months prior to being checked into the

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