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Just wanted to bring up something pretty interesting. I there's been some turbulence in me leading up to this podcast. Hasn't there yup so much so that. I said we're not doing it and i thought well. This will be an opportunity to talk about out turbulence for a second yeah and it has nothing to do with you. Dear listeners or the podcast right it was just a small series of events that unfortunate event that brought me back to childhood wound because jenny through my green smoothie away through your green smoothie away. I threw away a terrible plastic cup. She thinks i'm murdering the planet with my plastic classic. Hate your plastic cups hate them so despite the fact that it was chock full of organic it wasn't empty indeed organic green vegetable goodness. She just tried away see this. I'm holding up a green smoothie right now and it's a glass glass container you even if this were empty you wouldn't and throw it away. See if you would just use the proper containers your shit would not be thrown away. That's just not true. It is true. You had an empty glass container. I would not have walked into your office and throw it away. No that is true that part so used proper container hainer forwarded. Let's create a new world that we wanna live in. Stop throwing my shit away. Stop using just this leash rash to put your green smoothie. It's just leave it there. Stop throwing my shit away. Such a positive exciting thought good. I'm i'm back. My positive thought is that you're going to start using glass will now. I'm so happy as okay you live in your bubble right now and i will live in my bubble and we'll both be happy right now. You don't throw out of my bubble just so happy. Take your bubble and just keep it over there. I'm so happy yeah me too. We can both live in our own delusional bubbles and were perfectly fine. Okay that's the podcast it was good enough enough but we wanted to address address the feeling i actually had no intention of explaining why it was why was negative but coming into a situation feeling turbulent and letting your thoughts what's really lead you into some turbulent waters and so i that's the topic and we're going to tell you a story and the story is. We're recording this on a sunday so friday. Jenny is tootling home just tootling in her car toodle to general doodles and as you can imagine maybe on if you've had this experience she's experiencing the thrill and the excitement and maybe the relief life of what a friday evening means yeah fun relaxation connection nah oh more efforting no m._r. effort team and i got a call or contact with a client and they made like a leap in their work so like it was a step forward which brought me excitement but again friday night friday night friday night that's they keep on with that and i'm excited. I feel a sense of excitement my. I'm experiencing excitement but i'm literally. I stand up feeling excited for the client going. Yes i was tootling. You were doing a jig as doing jig and in the nature of the situation was that i had this brilliant idea that because something so good good at happened i wanted jenny to reach out to the client and do a short check in confirmation fist-bump this pump this pump pump with this client. I thought that was a great idea a little reinforcing praise as and boom. Yes buck yeah. Everyone's excited so i call jenny. Not everyone's excited right and i'm excited on my i got some good news anytime someone's jen's leaving the round well i said something wrong and she's back closing the studio door because i could see our daughter and her boyfriend a friend walking down the driveway so i knew they were about to come in and probably make lots of noise. They are noisemakers. They are well. Our daughter has put take her boyfriend say much. They counter each other really well. They do nice balance unless you get them talking about game of thrones and then he starts at least right now okay so that was why of you thank you for the interruption back to my story. I i just want you to feel the excitement i had and this is on a so. I like when i see people progress. That's why we do this right. <hes> when people people progress and it's super exciting this is yeah. This is why we do what we do is because that's just such a joy we talk about. I heard this term from <hes> someone and we're in the business of breakthrough and when you break through we experience this joy exciting. It's exciting awesome. So there was a breakthrough. I was excited and i uncalled jenny and just i while i was tootling by the android and i just this is a sexual podcast so i'm going to use. He's a sexual ejaculated my joy all over her now. This didn't go over very well. It didn't it did not i mean i was excited that you were excited. Were you. I was i was it wasn't until the next part well well then i asked her to call the client and do the fist-bump pump with the client as a reinforcing shing strategy that the breakthrough real and everyone was behind this client it was more than that it was more than it wasn't just doing a fist-bump there was you were also asking me to kind of present. The next steps yeah yeah. That's that's true yeah. That's a good way of saying so it was more than justice celebration. There was a coaching yes hewitt. There was a coaching piece a i'll say this i. I felt that okay so it wasn't doesn't you nailed. It wasn't just congratulatory it was you did great and and i want you took to be positioned to take the next and jenny was the person that the collective we we of jason and all the people he talks to his head jason and all his wieners the grand royal we we felt that jenny was the person to deliver the next step sure this couch that in humorous terms but that was actually chilly the the feeling that i had yeah that this was serious that this this breakthrough beautiful. There's a new step. Let's present that who's the best listen to the universe merged with the one. It's jenny yes it is i have gotten the clear direction the masculine feeling direction i will call jenny. I will share my excitement and i will give her her assignment right. So what happened well. You gave me my assignment and by the way i knew immediately something had gone wrong because she just got very quiet. You'll do this yeah okay good and then we got home. I ah so when you did that. I basically hit a wall of disbelief that you could have possibly been asking me to do this on a friday night as i- toodle home and then i got really pissed off but i i didn't in that moment just say yeah no. I'm not going to do that. I just got quiet and then just went. Okay sure yeah that was when i knew something was wrong but she said sure so. That's some sorts you're gonna take. It took it the next the next time. I knew something was wrong. She comes home and i know like my first inclination was to do this. So so how did the cargo. I had some wise intuitions. That said don't don't do that. Don't do that so i didn't say anything so we're sitting down there and we're starting to relax it. She goes so tell me about your day. What's the best part of your day and what was the thorniest part of your day. Best part was the excitement i had and and she's just staring at me and i'm like the more exciting i'm getting the less excitement is showing right. I'm my number one. An event from the day was the breakthrough from the client yeah and she's awesome yeah and then i told we share the up in the down of the day minnaso- shared the down and then i just looked at her and i saw how about yours and she just didn't respond. Just start talking about something else. I was like jurist jurist what happened from that eddie murphy's peculiar. It's so so at this point. I'm still riding my excitement. She's she's had her internal reaction. Somewhat aware that something isn't clicking and then we end up having a we relaxed some <hes> but there's a there's an edge to relax. There's a tension in the friday night relaxation and at one point. I'm asking like we're we're just talking and suddenly she's angry at me. I was like okay she goes. You're just being dismissive of me. In that context of a conversation what she really meant was as being dismissive of her fairly earlier. I was like okay. I apologize. You're right you were telling me a story and she told me a little quick story about a friend and i went and then i went to something else and she's like well. That's all i get is a cool and so and then she's just go ahead. Tell me your story. I'm like no. Let's stop politics. No we're not gonna stop an apology whether fuck is all this coming from and if you ever seen domino's when they start knocking things down and then they just go that's what happened and then somewhere in that ended did with her leaving the room slamming the door on me just standing there with a cat on my lap going what the book and i even said that it was our cat manga and i looked at what just happened. He's <hes> he didn't care. He's like he seems he seems sensitive to the situation some of it because he was on my lap giving me comfort saying dude. You didn't do anything wrong bro. Oh come on okay you and mungo yeah so

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