What Are The Traits Of Inspirational Leaders?


Today i tackle as subject of traits of quality leads salina's that are amazing to me that what traits do these guys have in gaza and gaza goes will be <hes> as as many inspirational leader in the world some young some alda. Let me tackle some of the <hes> trikes delayed that are say amongst the leaders and dump. Let's kick off with number one integrity and these no nos vicinity quota but integrity an integrity is important because they site and then they do an short to maintain criti is the difference between what they do so people that have integrity will always do with us are they gonna do now in might not be something we locked in might be something we do like. It doesn't really matter. That's not what i'm tackling here what i'm tackling his that one of the great traits of of one of the great leader's is integrity. They will always do what they say they're going to do. Another one is resilience. There is the meta avenue tons get down. They get back up and they go go go and this is something that can be saying in great leaders. <hes> you know i eh with at a sports whether the politicians when they'd business whether there has wife househusband it doesn't really matter <hes> leadership taxonomy wolf forms and resilience is key pop to you know being a great leader now nixing tomase accountability accountability is bright ladens have the <unk> of accountability if the negative like they put the hands they they they don't the concept of winning and losing his team. You know this is something that is important. It's not when something goes wrong. It's somebody else's fault <hes> and when everything is right it's each it's the glory lady with the leader. That's not something that some great leaders do that always accept accountability an inspiring now bright and inspiring to me go hand in hand because bright people tackle adversity bryce. These people make that step and we know that if you don't make the stick things doesn't happen but at the same time they're inspirational in the way they do that so they're not bright bald an arrogant that brave an inspiring that willing to put themselves forward but they understand that they're inspiring people people like martin luther king nelson mandela. These people were bryant but there were some spotter. They went out there to buck the system that were there. They were bright on our inspiring in such a big kohl's addicting now. This is something that so important is adaptability. Leadership doesn't often talked about the adaptability isn't talked about often in the concept of leadership but great leaders not to attacked than to adapt when things are good than i had to adapt the things that they have this constant energy of the depth ability they make sure that they can adapt people to situations situations to people people etc etc compassion. Something that often doesn't get talked about in leadership is compassion. You know another way to put it. His empathy now <music> out empathy compassionate doesn't mean that you have to you know be sitting next to somebody crime it really simply to me is is the concept compassion and as you feel that you understand that you listen the compassionate they will apply the right outcome for the situation a great way to look at this. Is you know to to me. I know that i'm compassionate. What i'm saying is doing the best that they can with the resources at the half at the time attack me that today's a great way to to show compassionate is that you're willing to look the situation or whatever it may be and say is the best at the time with the resources of behalf and to make compassion is is obviously important trait of equality later the ability to look in the mirror and i talk about this a lot. Is that a lot of latest look in the mirror. They don't understand that they need to be leading by example that they need to make sure that it's different rules arabas in different roles for them. They need to make sure ooh what they what they're actually doing. You know they can look in the mirror and say hi. I n leaving. Do i believe i should be leaving acting acting the way. I believe i should be acting. This is something that's agassi. So important i mean we all look at people like bill and melinda gates amazing leaders in what they looking in the mirror yeah they wealthy very roughly however looking in the mirror and saying wait human and we want to show humanity by doing doing great things around the world and that's something that's obviously very very important to them. Just a dan in new zealand prime minister is different trick whether you like his policies or <unk> policies. That's not the point. The point is as a leader. She has this ability of looking in the mirror and saying i'm human and i will therefore for act with compassion with love and dumb you know with with anticipate so these are people that really really good another. Try is quality holiday. Leaders have the ability to ceram selves with people that challenge them now. A lot of people don't like that. You'll find that a lot of people dynegy like to surround themselves with people that challenge them rather surround themselves people that say this all the time whereas i believe quality leader has try surrounding themselves around of people that challenged aw and challenging them to be his visions of themselves challenged them when when things are not raw challenge them things ira challenged them on different different things that's not challenging for the cycle challenging you not pointing something apple someone just to the point of trying to be right but challenge to make can be a positive city challenge not not not doesn't need to be a negative challenge to me an idea lita is the one who has a positive attitude encourages to be positive even in across so the concept of challenging has to sickness it has to be about positive attitude has to be that encouragement it has to be you know eat when the times a dan that you had the ability to have people around that were challenging to ensure that they you performing at your best as a leader now you know some one of the great things around the world as a leader bono mate now cost later tonight then upon you know born alita. You'll make it's behavioral theory. It's the right carry yourself. The people you have around your mind sick because all of this putting self inconstant mindset mode is exactly really what it's about leadership skills that can be learned we can be learned by training can deliver perception can be practice and most of all it's my experience so leadership leaders are night for this reason because it is a city schools that can be learned by trying bucket section by practice and of course bike spirits approach the older we get the more experiences we have which builds wisdom so of course important is that as we evolve in get older when he to constantly evolve their mindsets and our ability so that we are learning so whilst we take our experiences and turn that into wisdom president we also have to make sure that we occurred because one thing i can't stand about setting lead is when they talk about doing this the twenty years and my rebuttal to that is but will you still be doing it in twenty years to come because as many brands in the past like kodak knock knock yet that will not get leaders that are no longer market ladies and some. I'm an even exist today because of that editor so touched on some of the heights today that make a great leader go out and be the best you can be identify unify what your own avatar looks like in terms of leadership. What is is brand. What is your brain. Look like when it comes to the word leader so when i say your name and later what what are the types they gonna say about you. You know visualizes write it down. Use the resources. Whatever it is pictures woods you know music. Whatever it is that will help the pick exactly exactly what you'll ever time looks like as lakes and what you want to be known for.

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