Torrential Imelda rains flood homes, snarl travel around Houston


The law enforcement reporting and major road flooding then flooding in several homes in Beaumont Texas just the last couple of hours Beaumont picked up nearly two inches of rain in like one hour Wednesday night south Houston was under a flash flood warning Wednesday evening the heaviest rains of now push east of the city. so that has been lifted right there in the Houston metro direct. as of Wednesday night. Imelda which did become a short lived tropical storm Tuesday before making landfall. it has brought over twenty two inches of rain near the St Bernard wildlife of reserve seventeen inches of rain reported in Freeport and a sergeant Texas yeah they're now saying some locales may actually exceed twenty four inches of rain yeah by the time we get through Friday. it's not gonna bring the historic flooding like we saw with hurricane Harvey back in twenty seventeen but officials urge residents take heed of Imelda's torrential

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