Santana Moss, Washington Redskins And Peter Bondra discussed on Friendship Baptist Church


Three one eight Santana moss formally of your Washington Redskins without Peter Bondra formerly of your Washington Capitals they will be at the grand opening of the new **** store in Tyson's Saturday September fourteenth from noon to three and yes you can take photos you can score autographs gets inside the merchandise all yours while supplies last and while you're there enter to win exciting electronics for the home and for on the go like the pope magnify Max S. our sound bar home theater system or the onyx do you five by Harman Kardon it's happening on Saturday September fourteenth at the new **** stored inside Tyson's from noon to three Santana moss will be there Peter Bondra from the caps will be there and myself in Chile will be there to the Toby chilly morning show come say hi it's ninety seven point one wash FM we can't wait to see you there at

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