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I'm joined by United States senator Tom cotton on the U. your children are we gonna come studio good morning senator cotton good morning to you to be honest good to have with you with me I would like to play for you and it's all been along to catch the president on Iran and then come back and get your reaction to it in the oval office yesterday here as president Ron talking about the president trump type that Iran cut number sixteen I think a Ron doesn't know where they are I've been watching you read a lot of reports and right now they're very mixed up countries they don't know whether they're coming or going they have tremendous problems economically the country is in turmoil they're having demonstrations all over on their inflation rates at seventy five percent they have a lot of problems so whatever it is it is I'm just going to sit back and wait let's see what happens but I was going really is a country and we'll see what happens we did actually because they should know and I you know it's a religious country or religious leaders what they lie a lot a we did shoot down unfortunately we had to shoot down a drone the drone came down you know how it was always came down with the new technology that's actually quite amazing but we took down one of their Jones instead of saying yeah that happened to you live they say it didn't happen so well we have flat there's a lot of proof it's called a take a look at it on the ocean floor just go down and take your scuba gear and go down there and the only one of you would do that I know of but we we took down a drone I think very importantly I read a report today about the C. I. A. that's totally false or this is not a lie they put out propaganda they put out the lights Pakistan would have to do a thing like that and then the president went on to this kind of eighteen he didn't he didn't let up on a running back and never lives you know Ron does unfortunately so let's see what happens with Iran we are ready for the absolute worst and we're ready for sense too so we are very geared up and if they if they are they are really the number one state of terror in the world now I have to say they pulled back because they use their money is running very low the deal the president Obama made was a disaster because it was such a short term it didn't cover ballistic missiles and they couldn't see the important sites under this you could inspect important sexual many things wrong and of course we gave a hundred and fifty billion dollars plus one point eight billion in green green beautiful cash that's cool many playing lots of cash I think Pakistan would like to have some of that cash they give one point eight million dollars in cash which is fine thinkable and instead of being respectful and thankful which frankly they should have been to the United States and the president Obama for making that ridiculously else instead of being respectful the put their finger in the air and is this for you they put their finger up in the year and they just respected the United States he should have done that that was a big mistake a one of the best things I've done is terminated at ridiculously low they want to make a deal its use frankly it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with Iran Hey very badly this saying bad things and I'll tell you it could go either way very easily very easily okay either way it goes now senator cotton to summarize the Lisle adi said they lie a lot they put out propaganda they put out lies they are the number one state of terror in the world I think he demonstrated more understanding of the mole was after two and a half years and president trump and his team did after eight years what did you make of the president's candor that pretty much sums it up you he touched on the fundamental nature around forty years they've been waging a campaign of terror and aggression against the civilized world find overthrow the government of their neighbors thank you hostages and supporting terrorism it kind of summed up the challenges they face mail their economy is on the birds of the depression we totally what our sanctions taking hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars away from them that would go to a terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah I some of what they're doing they're lashing out right now because of the constraints of the sanctions and that error the last remnant of the nuclear deal all orders well now senator you remember the Mayaguez incident at the close of the Vietnam War the last actually in a more many people three marines killed when they can hear Rouge took a freighter and we took it back are the bridge justified in using force to get back their ship of course the pressure just fine using force to reclaim one other vessels that was hijacked by running a pirate and taken hostage inside of the lawn always lead to go with their leadership transition today Boris doctors just announced the winner battery will be taking over the reins of the British government but the I'd be surprised if the British people are going to stand for long the ayatollahs hi jacking their ships and taking their talents to the United States I'm confident we'll stand with our British allies now is your friend secretary bomb Peyo told the Brits yesterday it's their job to protect their ships that's sort of the Nixon doctrine revisited what do you think about that your every nation has an obligation to protect itself and protect its interests Great Britain still has a navy that has all of the pending those interests what we would like The Great Britain do what we're like the all of our international partners and allies do its former broader America I am security and they should as inside the golf that is going to stand up to one outlaw nation the combined might of the United States and Great Britain and the civilized world with babies to support such a national or exceed anything that Iran can bring to bear now we have a new deal a budget deal it is in my view not perfect but it does fund the military for two years which I think is great will we build ships people got the Brits realize now they have gotten of ship to do what they need to do we don't have enough ships you think will actually build the ship center cotton you I haven't reviewed the details of the budget agreement yet it happened late last night I am pleased there is some increase in defense spending it's not as much as secretary Mattis proposed as final budget before he resigned late last year but staring down the threat of radical budget cuts because of the dead hand of an eight year old law boys up pretty stark alternatives I'll be reviewing the details going forward whatever happens with this budget deal that this that this moment is a good example of why we need those ships no matter how advanced how technological are technologically superior our ships are a ship cannot be in both the South China Sea character lined up the Persian Gulf correct Iran and the Mediterranean or the north Atlantic now that Russia at the same time in my last great it's become a cliche to say the oceans haven't gotten any smaller but in becoming a cliche it lost its power senator cotton people don't realize you can't have a destroyer forget in both places and if you've got to go with a tanker through the straits of Hormuz you cannot be running through the false claim to the P. R. C. in the South China Sea you're the most fundamental fact of international relations is younger because it's the most prominent back it never changes and that means the state never get any smaller and you cannot weeks of state to different cities with lunch yeah that's like you cannot defend two borders with one today okay I lie let the second last question the national defense authorization act is there a huge differences between the Senate version on your own I'm services in the house version now we have a budget will we get an NDA that is not festooned with stupidity yes you are I believe we will the NBA a Senate passed with a very large bipartisan majority the far left in the a in the house pass on a party line vote so that'll give us a strong hand in negotiations with the house to have a sensible defense bill to get our troops the resource is not the Ortiz they made as opposed to one that does user guide Christmas tree to hang a bunch of left wing policy ornaments senator Tom cotton always a pleasure thank you for joining me this morning Jenner

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