Pelosi stops short of calling for impeachment after Mueller testimony


Coverage Republicans gleefully call today's hearings with Robert Muller I died but house speaker Nancy Pelosi disagrees ten instances of obstruction yes no exoneration that's some of what we heard Moller said his investigation was not a witch hunt and Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson pressed Muller honest credibility to preserve the claim that he wanted to fire you because you had supposed conflicts of interest in that correct pro Nate you have no conflicts of interest that required your removal in that of facts are correct political analyst Larry Sabato doesn't think the hearing changes any opinions nothing changed people who were inclined to believe the questions Republicans were asking in the points they were making we're already critical of mall or in his report and the same is true on the opposite side Pam Coulter CBS news president trump responded to Mahler's testimony a horrible job president trump says molars presentation was way off obviously he did very poorly today and he says Democrats are now in shambles they've got the squad's leading their party they are a mess despite the former special counsel explicitly rejecting the phrase witch hunt to describe his investigation the president again invoke the phrase and Mr trump denied that Miller said he could be indicted after he leaves office hello said that Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the

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