Yankees, Rangers And Gary Sanchez discussed on Tony Paige


In the Bronx between the Yankees and Rangers last night the bombers broke a scoreless tie in the third inning on Erin judge two run Homer and they would pad their lead in the fourth drive to love. it is. Hey homers deep loved over the grand slam into the bleachers early here on the fan tore is thirty fourth ties in with Gary Sanchez for the team lead three nothing Yankees on the way to a four one to try and prove that doors long ball in the night off Corey gear and avoid the shutout for the Rangers X. Yankee lance Lynn the loser Chad green was the opening for the Yankees gave them two scoreless innings Louis sense of what the next three it earned the W. the Yankees forty three over five hundred their high water mark for the year they've got today off and then I'll open a four game set in Boston on Friday the Mets had to flush Tuesday night's ugly loss quickly the last of their three game set in Washington a one o'clock matinee yesterday they showed no ill effects taking a rubber game of from the nats

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