Dorian still slamming eastern Canada at hurricane force


Canada's merit times are feeling the fury of what is now a post tropical cyclone Dorian and saw a powerful storm that's producing winds of eighty miles per hour as it heads towards Newfoundland his name is still Dorian but there's been a name change according to forecaster Daniel brown Dorian transition to oppose tropical cyclone on Saturday simply meaning that structure of the storm changed and that the wind field expanded however the maximum winds really remained unchanged and the storm continues to produce area of hurricane force winds almost a week after Dorian ripped off the Bahamas rescuers are trying to reach some island communities isolated by flood waters and they briefly about two hundred fifty residents of great Abaco island arrived in Nassau this woman is one of them a lot of people died and I thought I was going to be one of them and I just we just started playing and everything and then we survive as many as seventy thousand of the Bahamas

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