President President Trump, Speaker Ryan And Paul Ryan discussed on NBC Meet the Press


GONNA turn to a little bit of politics as a book out called American carnage by Tim Alberta and there's some interesting Paul Ryan Quotes Being Wisconsin Guy Paul Ryan Guy. I'm curious if your reaction here's the exit for a long long stretch. The Two Thousand Sixteen Campaign Paul Ryan refused to accept trump's takeover the G._O._P.. He traversed the stages of grief denial. No way trump can win anger. I called him a racist bargaining the powerpoint slides and depression this is fatal. He told Ryan spree this before finally coming terms with it. This resistance was grounded in basic belief that the Republican Party was still as party looking back. Ryan says he should have known better. You Know Wisconsin Ryan you know trump. What do you make of this dispute in this personal is this misread of where the party is? And where do you fit for. I consider Paul Ryan friend. I've got a good working relationship the President I've always abided by the Ronald Reagan commandment. I think we do need you realize Republicans Tokens Conservatives the president trump does socialism president also some Democratic Left. We need to hang together here so I think we've accomplished a lot of things the last two years we've stopped any in the regulatory burden who have more competitive tax system. That's Redo. That's produced more more than three percent growth much ten times higher business investment. That's GONNA grow our economy in the future so again from my standpoint. I'd like everybody to get along because we need to preserve this country that this marvel the American economy and model of freedom. Do you think President President Trump's criticism of Speaker Ryan and his speakership is warranted well again. I I would prefer that we all understand that the opponent in this political struggle are Democrats and they're growing socialism in what they would turn America into so we need to hang together I for nobody criticize each other on our side all right Senator Ron Johnson Republican from Wisconsin. I'M GONNA leave it there extra coming on sharing your views much appreciate it

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