Italian officer allegedly killed by American teens was stabbed with knife brought from US, say police


We're learning new details about the murder of an Italian police officer allegedly at the hands of two American teenagers investigators say the paired been drinking at least one of them and taking drugs before their run in with the officer CBS news Seth Doane has more from Rome teenage suspects were visited by US embassy officials Monday Finnegan Lee elder in Gabriel Christian the Tolly Hjorth remain locked in a room prison facing charges of murder and extortion new judicial documents which extend their detention provide context of the events of late last week it revealed the teenagers had been drinking alcohol and that the judge finds they have a total absence of self control in critical capacity and demonstrated an excessive immaturity the teenagers were trying to buy about ninety dollars worth of cocaine which turned out to be aspirin then fleeing with the bag they stole after the drug deal was busted plainclothes officers from the kind of any any force were called including body church hello rega elder admits to stabbing claiming it was self defense because he was being

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