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Region <hes> like maybe it is like say <hes> new york city philly d._c. And like we just kind kind of keep an eye on. We listened to all of our <hes> team members in those areas. They give us more feedback so they can. Maybe polish it a bit more before we launch it or sometimes we do take a national. There's there's there's been times where we have a say. A location los angeles. Try while location denver colorado tries that. Maybe you know we go to like saint. Louis missouri and we try to get a couple different areas with different food scenes again just get different takes on it and opinions before we go <hes> so it really it depends on what we're trying to test what we're trying to learn at that point <hes> and then based off of that we then say we wanna take this officially national <hes> in the days of shake shack. You know we were <hes> over. The first location was on twenty third street <hes> here in new york city and a few blocks out is one the best green markets in the city the union square greenmarket in those early days when we did specials. We literally walked through the market. Pick up

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