The 'Rich Paul Rule' is another misguided attempt by the NCAA to control something it shouldn't be controlling


There was also another store it had to do with the n._c. Double a. an agent eligibility polity story and i don't know if you're interested in this but maybe the interesting part is lebron. James thinks that this is the rich paul rule and of course <hes> you oh that's his agent rich. Paul rich paul represents anthony davis john wall draymond green ben simmons and others the n._c._a._a. Says its athletes must use only the an n._c._a._a. Certified agent considering whether to enter the n._b._a. Draft to return to college basketball if not the player will lose eligibility permanently for the agent to gain that n._c._a._a. Approval he or she must among other things have been certified by the n._b._a. Players association for at least three years have a bachelor's degree provides seven years of address history had come to indianapolis to take an in person test of some sort. What what is that what's. It's the in person test well an exam. Let all right one to take an exam of being an agent i i. I have one question about this and if somebody from the n._c._a._a. Would join us. That would be great. Why now why not last year ten years ago fifteen year way. When did you really start caring about these basketball players and why bring it up now. Yes mclovin isn't that piece of the rule change about going back into college after the draft. I mean if you have all these requirements. It's to basically represent somebody who's probably going to be a second round draft. Pick right right. Can my parents represent me. What do they have to get certified. You know i don't know if i'm just kind of baffled by this that why now and why do we care so so much about basketball players probably because they're the ones that are stirring a multibillion dollar business called. March madness got to do what we can. We gotta keep them in school. We don't want to get them to the n._b._a. Too soon we got to protect our brackets here

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