Macron calls Amazon an issue for whole planet


For the climate crisis. The watershed moment could be news last week of the spread of fires in the amazon. It began with a tweet by french president emmanuel macron. Our house is burning literally. He wrote calling on leading industrial nations to act act over the weekend. Suddenly the amazon became the subject of discussion around dinner tables and water coolers and of sporadic protests worldwide tensions over amazon development our long standing during sarah's time as our latin america correspondent she wrote about gas pipeline pipeline in two thousand seven that angered international environmentalists but locals and amazon us were quick to explain that millions of people. I'll have to make a living in the so-called longs of the earth but brazilian president gyro bolsonaro has angered the international community over policies. He's the tip the balance toward business over environmental protection this time group of seven leaders in biarritz france held him to account threatening threatening to kill a trade deal between the european union and america sir countries and boycott brazilian products for now mister bolsonaro has appeared to shift course sending in the military to tackle the flames for all the talk about the end of multi-lateralism in an age of nationalism. This weekend made clear that international cooperation is still very much the way forward. It's still unclear. If this year's amazon fires i will lead to long-term policy change in south america we can at least take solace in the fact that the world is watching and ready to respond to the world's challenges

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