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Joe Walsh could make some real trouble for Donald Trump



Despite president trump's high approval among republicans he facing a new challenger for the twenty thousand nomination conservative have radio host and former one term tea party congressman joe walsh is the second republicans say he will run against the president now walsh certainly drew controversy with remarks about african americans and false claims about president obama among his notable tweets over the years this one from just last year that reads impart quote. I have a right to call obama. A muslim ozlem months later he wrote quote obama got elected because he's black not because the accomplished anything significant and in two thousand seventeen. There's this part of a tweet. I have a right to say. Blacks are lazy joining us now republican presidential candidate joe walsh congressman thanks for being with us and we've had a chance to talk a lot over the last two weeks good to be with you and you've apologized for these statements which is notable. I do want to ask you this question though give apologize why do you think people should overlook your past incendiary rhetoric and not the president's well and again just some context here so probably in the last six years. I've tweeted forty thousand times. There are probably a few hundred tweets that you and i would scratch our heads about. I don't apologize for every tweet when it's warranted. I will those tweets that you mentioned that the beginning winning i'm a big free speech supporter and i abhor political correctness so i'll say things like you know what i should have a right to say that white people are this or christians are this i. I'm pretty equal opportunity offender when it comes to free speech but to your broader point no everything i've tweeted i own and if there's a tweet that i need to apologize for john i will. I'll own it and regret. You said today one of the things you said. Today's tweeted racist things in the past but you don't think it makes you a racist. I think john i think i think we're all a little bit racist. We've all said racist things. I'll i'll bet if you and i went through everybody's twitter feed. We're going to find things that are objectionable and offensive. I think we all have i know when i look back at some of my tweets over the years because i was so outspoken yeah. I've tweeted some racist things on purpose no alexa lazy but no but john. I didn't say say that because i meant it. <hes> whites are privileged. I mean i use that as an example and i've used that as an example with any racial group. I don't believe believe that the point i was making in america. You should have a right to say anything kurt vonnegut wrote. You are what you pretend to be so be careful what you pretend to be. I get the distinction. You're trying to make their but i think some people may look at that and say it's too cute that said you apologize and explain that you are where you are sitting here running for president tonight. We looked at your campaign website for policy positions right now and there's not much up there if anything about policy right now so policy-wise. How would you be different the president trump it is a great question because understand remember. I'm running against trump because he's morally unfit period. It's about trump. It's not about the issues. It's about trump but on the issues i believe in wall trump has built a wall. I believe in border security trump botched the border. The borders a bigger mess now than it was when you got a light of the president on immigration great if you wanna call that to the right but again. I don't believe trump is anywhere to the left or right. Trump is only about trump. I went to washington ten years ago to do something about the the debt and deficits.

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