Andrew Luck's retirement shocks football fans


And we were shocked by the stunning retirement the age twenty nine Andrew luck the Indianapolis Colts quarterback one estimate I read it a half billion dollars in four gone earnings your reaction might going to made it your top ten but your personal reaction to this young man saying I've got enough I'm not going to risk my health my personal reaction is that this present a massive issue to the NFL how dangerous indeed bill attending the sport can be hold it takes on top talents agenda and I were talking about this last night you reminded me of one of the great Green Bay Packers Brett Farr battled addiction to pain killers the talk about taking fifteen by the bike it in at one time taking a month's worth of pain killers in two days and so I think that the lock during the war you said that the joy had gone out of football the you're stuck in a cycle of the injury rehab injury we have the New York times on football a comma convulsant writing players of locks generation now make a loop whose calculation between help Christmas money and that's going to put them in conflict with team owners who always want more football not what and if you did a little more digging tomorrow you'll see that Andrew luck got crushed his first two seasons with the colts because they had a terrible offensive line to go back to Michael Lewis is great but the blind side and I'm watching Baker Mayfield were on the cover of the brands on the covers SI Odell Beckham junior Jarvis Landry and behind the Baker may feel and Nick Chubb we're gonna have a great year we had a very good offensive line after job attorney I was at left guard and I'm beginning to think that reading that Andrew luck story the brown should start trading draft choices to get in a line to protect their asset which is Baker may feel he's the whole club these everything and the reason Andrew luck is quitting with half the career of Roethlisberger and and one two fifths of the career of Tom Brady is because you don't have an old line it be it Michael Lewis is frightening still right this is a brown story is proof that all politics is local the the the ill the triumph of hope over experience has led me to have season I have my four on the fifteen people want them and I'm so excited about Mike Allen always a pleasure good Monday

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