Trump disavows 'send her back' rally chant, many Republicans alarmed


Get to that but first president trump has now just about the center back can't as well he should have president from Ben's a rally and the rally happened in North Carolina this happened two nights ago and the president of the United States was talking about had a mark L. him are is the worst of the so called slime the squad is composed of course of A. O. C. and L. Hanna Marin where she had to leave and I on a Presley an element of Mars most radical member of the squad not necessarily in terms of for domestic politics but certainly in terms of language uses about the United States the language that uses about terror groups her history of of going easy on for example ISIS recruit your letter to judge recommending that people attempting to join ISIS be given more lenient sentences her her anti semitic comments had been routine and common so trump when after L. how to learn record and then the crowd taking a cue from his original tweets earlier this week started chanting send her back and president trump didn't say anything at the rally you can just stood there and took it now the president should have done is you should immediately stepped in and said hold up a second I'll vote her out right not send her back when I sending any American citizens bank anywhere in effect is unamerican to suggest that the exercise of of the first amendment should subject to deportation and that's a that's a bad thing obviously a truck really didn't know what to do on that stage so a lot of folks took that as president trump is sharing it president trump is is fine with it well over the last twenty four hours the president retracted that basically he came out against that chance so he's in the oval office is impressive and he was asked about this by the media and he does that he said I don't like the chance and now the media will see as they covered it the media we're not interested in his apology red meat you're not interested in the walk that the media want him to continue saying what he is what he was saying earlier this week and they want to continue pushing the notion that Republicans are by and large racist and xenophobic and want to send everybody who doesn't look like them back to their hometown and all this kind of stuff so here is from some response to send them back in now if you're a good American you should be pretty happy that the president backed off of this because what do you like trump or not is not good for our politics I pointed out repeatedly yesterday on the show it is very bad for politics they have political leaders saying things that are morally indefensible of a political leader or going along with things they're morally indefensible so for political leader backed off of that thing that's good for the country generally speaking there is president from doing that yesterday good for him this is the right thing he'll lead you let's see you don't get full credit because your earlier tweets sort of let this thing off and you also get full credit because you can stop the chance but you certainly get partial credit for doing the right thing now and least sayings your own base let's not make this thing a thing in our rallies right how bout how bout not every rally includes a send them back chant because come on here is president trump backing off of it when your supporters lastly which sounding chanting center back why don't you stop them when you ask them to stop saying that well number one I think I did I started speaking very quickly it really was a lot I disagree with but it was quite a chant and I felt a little bit better me about it but I will say this I did and I started speaking very question but it started out rather rather fast as you probably know you'll tell your supporters numbers well I I would say that I I was not happy with it I disagree with it but again I didn't say I didn't say that they did okay so theres from backing off in and listen trump's followers know the queue which is cut this leap out right stop that right now I don't like it now the president trump stopped in his tracks no I point this out yesterday yeah there's not a great excuse for that it is true that if you look at his body language normally if you watch any trump rallies when people were chanting lock her up the president basically walk away from the microphone and then he would proceed to kind of conduct to the audience or not along with the chance or clap along with the chain see any of that from president from that doesn't mean that he was actively putting a damper on it he obviously was not but now he's actively putting a damper on it are the media they're going to take that of course not so CNN ran a headline said trump claims to disavow chance he did not know he he does about it it just Val is a is a pattern of speech in which you disavow something you can't claim to disavow something without disavowing the thing if I disavow white supremacy you can't say Shapiro claims to just about white supremacy Shapiro disavows like to privacy is the headline Shapiro disavows whatever like a disavowal is where you disavow thing CNN wasn't having any of that CNN's Chiron's yesterday ran things like president disavows disavows chance while at the same time maintaining suite from Sunday's okay why don't you actually just report what he did yesterday you give the contact that's fine but you're Chiron's don't actually have to be five hundred word essays about why you find his words insufficient at this point that's not journalism anymore now you're editorializing so the the greatest of objective reporters among us unlimited Chris Cuomo decided that they were going to demonstrate that the president didn't do enough at the rally which is true he didn't do enough at the rally but then he came out he said okay this is bad I don't like it so instead on CNN yesterday he said watch we're gonna stay silent for thirteen seconds this is what it looks like when you don't say anything for thirteen seconds what people say bad things just bear with me don't say anything don't say anything for and I'm gonna start the stopwatch just don't say anything you know just sitting there Chris foremost step in his coffee just on one end and you sit there for thirteen seconds and this is supposed to it's the thirteen seconds that mattered most in American history and if Chris Cuomo doing his challengers in hair was a long time was a long time I had several different thoughts about you during that moment did you get my point I do a hundred percent and he's lying he's lying because he liked it he needs it at this point and he could have stopped it but he didn't he wants those people to have their outrage fed and he wants the rest of us to think what he does is that outrageous so question why didn't he just double down on it I mean president trump is very fond of doubling down on things so if you liked it he could make it the staple it every single one of his rallies remember he did that that was in the media had a a bleep that when it came to lock her up and the president did not back off locker up the president started chanting locker up it Donald Trump is not famous for backing off things that he likes he moves on them like a bleep I mean like this is when president trump likes things he goes after that this is not a typical president from movies to back off this this comment okay what is most disingenuous about the media coverage of truck president trump backing off of this and and telling his crowd to stop all of this is the routine at the media do now with regard to John McCain and this is how you got from say having conversation with somebody last night and he's asking why is that so many Republicans are having a tough time disavowing bad things the trump says and I said because most Republicans and most conservatives feel that they're not going to be given credit for doing the correct moral thing and that in essence we're not going to trust you guys to make those judgments because the fact is that you would refer any Republican the same way that you are ripping from you just take from more because he doesn't have your highfalutin speech patterns and the and you can see a pure example of this so the media yesterday they were they were aghast at front of course which I was not pleased with president from go back it was in the shell obviously but the media were aghast at president trump and what are they start doing they started talking about the wonders of John McCain know when I talk yesterday on the program about John McCain and John McCain shutting down a person at one of his rally suggests the Brock about was Muslim I said that was the right thing to do good for John McCain now I can say that because I supported John McCain in two thousand eight when he ran against Barack Obama I voted for him I some for him I raise money for him the members of the media who are now coming out of the woodwork to praise John McCain well a little late guys a little late because it turns out that wasn't what you were saying it's time to show you in just a second then you wonder why Republicans don't trust you when it comes to your judgment on racism why we think you're a bunch of political phonies and hacks when you express your outrage at what the president is saying as I say the media aghast at president trump and playing in paying tribute to John McCain's here is don lemon last I think we're is John McCain what whatever happened to Republicans like John McCain I am so tired of the media but Miley yeah I think I'll be clear is when eight years now that's it let's say that Donald Trump wins and then there's another race after after that and then the Republican loses which we've you know things such as they do tend to every eight years in the United States it's hard won a third term for party is Hillary Clinton let's say that the switch so ten years from now when another Republican is running for the nomination in for very twenty ready twenty twenty eight election it's going to be highly highly entertaining watching the media talk about the halcyon days of president trump and his moderate policy proposals and effective use willing to reach across the aisle because this is what the media is with every Republican as soon as they are no longer a threat then they become wonderful people again so here is John McCain he was dominant on John McCain last night I want everyone to be respectful and let's make sure we are because that's the way politics

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