Gun control groups hold vigil outside NRA headquarters


Last night though protesters were out across the country dealing well with the the gun violence issues that were raised after the shootings in Dayton in el Paso one of the protest was outside the home of Ohio senator rob Portman in terrace park no he was not there his wife came out read the protesters said they were welcome status one then the no he wasn't there their demonstration involve people who laid down in the road in front of the house portraying a gunshot victims there was another huge rally nationwide outside the national rifle association's headquarters in Virginia that one sponsored by groups that included March for lives in vigil for remembrance and change asked the the NRA new to support some of the gun control measures that are being discussed as ways to perhaps prevent gun shootings mass shootings in the future house governor today will address the subject he has made it clear that even though he's conservative Republican whose run with the NRA endorsement many times that he's willing to look at things like the emergency orders that might stop someone who's suspected being mentally ill from a buying or possessing a weapon in a

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