Broncos coach Fangio has kidney stone, works game


The game the storyline before the game was Vic Fangio having to go to a Cleveland area hospital because he had kidney stone what your view is going to make it to the game but it does make it to the game we get all the great info the kidney stone hasn't passed yet but it's in a better spot you know so you go close to case stone in the holster ready to rock I mean unbelievable and it does not go fit to like what we think of Vic Fangio right now like you think like old school tough guy code we've been talking about how it's the different approach you gotta defensive coordinator coming out that's not part of the shamanic bay tree and then he comes into his first preseason game they're like well no he hasn't passed the kidney stone yet he's just out there on the sideline just suffering through it at one point he said he was I I I think I don't those amazing you gave some good attitude to the drugs that he was on all the actors that is I don't know if you've ever had a Mike I'll it is hain full the kidney cells but that that was the storyline before by the way with Vic Fangio for all the press the bears defense dot last year and my sister sending your daughter walk for the bear right last year so we watched a fair amount of bears football I was last my last night many days old when I realized what Vic Fangio look like really had no idea he has not one distinguishing characteristics he's also usually up in the booth right is also there and he said if the pain got going on the sideline for the kidney stone he was gonna go to both were is very familiar with he's been coaching a hundred thirty seven years and I was finally

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