Suspect arrested in civil rights activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph's death


An arrest has been made in the murder of a well known Louisiana civil rights activists Sadie Roberts Joseph was found dead in the trunk of her car last week in baton Rouge correspondent Clayton Nevil is following the story the killing is not considered by police to have been a hate crime but runs remain bell is charged with first degree murder baton Rouge police chief Murphy Paul says his department is investigating a motive we believe based on our investigation at this time that Ron bail was attended in one of her rent houses we believe that he was behind several months on his right around twelve hundred dollars was old east baton Rouge sheriff's in control remembers Robert Joseph is a good friend and a leader hello hello miss say for years and Myron respect her dedication to education and our community Roberts Joseph founded what's now known as the baton Rouge African American museum she also bought to elevate Juneteenth to state and national holiday honoring the freeing of US slaves her daughter Angela Machen says she's still in shock but has a message for people across the country mourning her mother's death I am still numb I'm not angry I'm not for several days I wasn't anything I wasn't anything but now but for those who were and are angry live a better life give of yourself to your community to make the whole that are the baton Rouge parish coroner's office determined the preliminary cause of death was dramatic asphyxia including suffocation but officials say the seventy five year old didn't die by strangulation instead her nose and mouth were blocked a community in disbelief what now reflecting on the life and accomplishments of one of the areas most well known civil rights leaders I'm

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