Blinded by junk food: Teen loses eyesight from bad diet


Can a junk food diet because someone to go blind researchers at the university of Bristol in England say that's what seems to have happened to one teenager they published a case study in the medical journal annals of internal medicine NPR's Alison Aubrey reports several years back a fourteen year old boy went to the doctor complaining that he was tired at the time doctors said he appeared healthy he was not overweight took no medications but his diet was bad really bad according to the report he ate mostly white bread chips and bits of processed meat the fact is that the boy was eating so much junk food that's researcher Allen Taylor of Tufts University he was not involved in the case study but he agreed to review the findings force he says it is very unusual for a team to develop the condition that this team did it's called optic neuropathy optic neuropathy is an inflammation of the optic nerve. these information from your eyes to your brain usually it's a temporary condition but in the reported case study the teenagers vision loss was permanent so Taylor says he'd like to know more actually the diagnosis is quite puzzling to me perhaps there were other issues with this teenager but Taylor says the case is an opportunity to point out to people that poor diet can lead to vision problems consuming a diet rich in such poor quality carbohydrates can in fact compromised vision now this usually does not happen during the teenage years it's much more common later in life Taylor and his collaborators studied about twenty thousand people to see how their diets influence to the risk of age related macular degeneration which tends to occur after age sixty we found that the more you eat the junk food diet the greater your risk for macular degeneration is and the look the more you with a healthy diet the less you have a risk for macular degeneration at a time

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