West Texas mass shooting reignites gun control debate


These mass shootings seem to be continuing despite all the public outcry for some stricter gun control laws white is a continuing and why haven't we seen any laws well it's continuing because we have too many guns in this country in the hands of dangerous people and we have the answers right before us for how we can protect people which is to expand our background check system to have extreme risk laws in place all over this country not just in a handful of states and to keep weapons of war assault weapons and high capacity magazines off our streets the problem is those bills are pending before Mitch McConnell and he hasn't come back from recess to act on them so all of us Americans who are fed up with mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting and keep in mind this is made the news today there was a shooting at an Alabama football game last night we have el Paso we have Dayton we have Gilroy we have the San Fernando Valley shooting we have Brooklyn and on and on and on and one of these is not take place and replace the next this is cumulative the body count is going up and up and up and we have to act and we have to hold our elected officials accountable to the extent that they're not voting on legislation we know can save lives news of items that you mentioned background checks and banning assault weapons at cetera what do you think is most likely to have the support needed to to pass that's a hard question because all of those measures have the support of the vast majority of Americans background check mansion laws have ninety seven percent in the last poll of Americans saying yes we want to close the loophole that allows private sellers to sell guns with no background check at all that bill has passed the house of representatives it's pending before the Senate the issue is we still have to too many members of Congress and the Senate who are still beholden to the NRA who haven't gotten the memo that the American public is set up about this and want to change out of all of the measures that are pending those three in combination are I do what I would consider the most important to be passed and there is legislation pending if you look at what's happening in the states the momentum has been around extreme response those are the laws that allow family members or law enforcement to seek a court order to remove the guns from individuals who are deemed at risk I know there's a lot of behind the scenes discussions going on about a federal bill that could be enacted it's hard to tell it's also difficult because the president has said that he supports these measures on the one hand and then reversed himself few days later after parklands that's what he did and after el Paso and date and that's what he did so it's it's difficult for me to gas precisely what will happen I can tell you that Brady it has been pushing these measures for a long time and we're not going to stop and we know that Republicans and Democrats can come together on these issues that's why we have a Brady background check law in the first place that was passed by unanimous consent in the Senate that means all Republicans and Democrats supported that measure so it's a little incomprehensible to me that we have still stuck in the Senate a measure that would just strengthen that existing law that's been in effect now for twenty

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