Jason Momoa, Hawaii And Kardashian Karen discussed on The South Florida Morning Show


I don't speaking of movies by the way I write a lot I watched well I I take it back I tried to watch for men what did you think it sucks I thought it was terrible I couldn't really mission I was like this is this is ridiculous but they were in the process of filming Aquaman too and apparently they had to stop it because Jason Momoa got hit by a bulldozer over the weekend he's the vain he's pro testing the construction of this huge giant telescope that's taking place in Hawaii but it's supposedly take all that thing and I'd say Kardashian Karen and this story last week yeah okay he was out there in eighty still disturbing for the bulldozer the bulldozer item yeah you know it was is that Hey buddy this is two hundred Bucks he made my fame able really to want to make this sequel gets the first can you run over my leg the first one sock it was it was like a joke yeah I I I get to the the first like I had seen wearing no clothes to be you know like you know a lot of fight in in space are under water and like this looks like a cartoon it's

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