Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter Send Brody Jenner a Joint Gift for His 36th Birthday: a Weed Bouquet


Next up. Miley cyrus and caitlin carter send brody jenner adjoin gift for his thirty sixth birthday a weed bouquet quote. We'd he'd like to wish you a happy birthday. Miley caitlyn road in their birthday card to brody romantic friends miley and caitlyn sent a joint birthday present birdie jenner on wednesday pun intended jenner owner who turned thirty six on nagas twenty-first shared the gift on his instagram stories a gift box for marijuana dispensary lowell farms complete with a weed bouquet milen caitlyn. You guys really stepped it up on this. One jenner jenner can be heard saying in the video. You know my favorite company of all time we got the birthday card attached to the k look at this. This is such a nice weird ending to this incredible credit saga incre. I don't think it's ending this just another stop on the road and it's nice and weird and cool that everyone's getting along except for liam right so sad i'd who filed for divorce yesterday officially but brody was also spotted with a girl multiple times and it just pictures of them making out oh those e saco on her story about this whole thing because every time i read the story there is a baseball player like super famous. Juan jose consider dad josie and jose like i get their name. Skis jeter spot the baseball no dad yeah because i was looking at her instagram and she like tagged she he came up so i don't think it was a coincidence incidents unless they just met for the first time. I don't remember but i remember. I'm pretty shy confirmed that it was her dad. Oh my god you're right. Okay that makes a lot of san. Jose can say josie. She can say go really cute name child of your needs and say okay. I'm sorry i miss. I was like so confused like brick. Jenner's out with a club with a baseball player is he joined ainley. Yeah no it was so confusing and then incidents like two people chosen jose she super yeah beautiful so honestly just like wheatley seems like a really happy ending for most of the people involved in this so who is the most deserving of a happy ending but he'll get his yeah. He needs an ice girl from australia. Who likes to surf yeah well. Margot yesterday was like oh. I don't like what she goes. Liam filed for divorce liam hemsworth and i'm like oh. I was like shocked. I don't know why i thought she said chris and i was like this families. Falling apart and it was posted on the toasts and then she was like okay and she's like being so weird and then i'm like wait who didn't and then i walked in and you're like liam filed for divorce has like okay. That's what you do the logical next and then we re sorry like i really was upset for a second because honestly chris serve elsa. Elsa are really such a beautiful couple like such puking it couldn't be it couldn't be possible wasn't and it wasn't crisis a very big. You just never know these days. Who's gonna fall. Who do we ship with liam hemsworth these days. I mean always living at cobo.

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