Raiders GM Mike Mayock on Antonio Brown It's time for him to be all in or all out


Mention this off the top of the shell someone passing but the Antonio brown saga continues unbelievable tale credible numbers questioning that but it ended very ugly in Pittsburgh a lot of finger pointing blaming Ben Roethlisberger Mike Tomlin their GM it's everybody else's fault never Antonio's fault you know it's at our center so he lands on his feet it's an unbelievable deal the raiders with Gruden first there was the you know cryotherapy issue where he got frostbite essential because he wasn't wearing the proper foot gear okay that happens that's a mistake is an honest mistake it's it's it's some guys try to take care of his body it just goes about it the wrong way hard to find a lot of fault that still hopeful is gonna be back then there's this helmet issue he wears an old helmet it's outdated that will pass you know that the restrictions that the NFL has now with some of the the head issues and what not he came up with another helmet that still didn't pass you know speed whatever so he's healthy enough now to feed to be able to play but he's angry at the NFL so we refused to practice today so we all know Mike mak Mike may I ask the guy rope in the area of west Philly guy went to the Haverford school BC broadcaster for a long time your guy really paid is do did a lot of homework was great on the NFL network with their draft coverage at the combine did Notre Dame games you name it across the board so my gets tired last off season or this offseason skews me as the raiders do yeah which I thought was it was an out of the box because like did have a previous experience out of the box smart move by mark Davis whose al Davis a son who's the the owner and president all that stuff so mac is teamed up with John group if you've watched any of hard knocks you've seen a lot of Gruden lot of Antonio brown what other players would not a lot of Mike may I may I ask is it really interested and didn't really want the hard knocks cameras in there so we just kind of laid low for the most part but spoke out today regarding Antonio brown and this is about as close as it gets to an ultimatum here you go but we at this point we've

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