Jay Inslee gives up on climate-focused presidential bid


You're six six days away from the qualifying deadline for the next democratic debate in september so far. Only ten candidates have made the cut. Although there are whole bunch approaching the threshold probably not coincidentally in just the last luik to candidates for probably not going to make the debate stage have dropped out of the race entirely last night washington governor jay inslee. You might have seen told my colleague motto that he's officially out of the race today. He announced he would be seeking a third term. As governor of washington also today former former colorado governor john hickenlooper who dropped out of the presidential race last week announced a senate run. I've always said washington was a lousy place for a guy. I liked the who wants to get things done but this is no time to walk away from the table. I know changing washington is hard but i want to give it a shot. I'm john hickenlooper candidate for united states senate <hes>. That's a very good shot. Although i wonder how many takes took hickenlooper entrance is bad news for the incumbent republican cory gardner who is pulling ten points behind generic democrat right now with hickenlooper enderle gone from the democratic presidential field it leaves just twenty two candidates vying for the democratic nomination. The question now is how long is the field going to stay that big answer the question. I'm joined paula romo's host of vices nex series former staffer for hillary clinton's two thousand sixteen presidential campaign and jilani cobb staff writer the new yorker professor of journalism at columbia university. I think the hickenlooper news is significant because many people have been jumping up and down and pointing at senate races races with to some of the candidates being like maybe you should do this and that's what he did. Yes it is significant. It is narrowing down but i also think that there's something else that is happening. Which is that people people are widening and defining what electability means right so it used to be the case that we elect ability meant that it was just about being donald trump but now it's turning into something else which is why the race will continue to be this massive fight because it's about who can win in who can beat donald trump the right way which is is what i think we're gonna see in in the debates the right way meaning who is centering marginalized communities at the center of the conversation but you're saying that you think that to me implies right. There's a thinking among democrats that more than one candidate can beat exact donald trump. You think that's the case. I do think the democrats think. I think that's what people think which i think that's the important important thing i don't. I don't know if democrats are thinking about what people are thinking in the streets. I know how young people are thinking and the thinking is that we want someone that not only uses latinos and black people blend women as pawns to beat donald trump. We want someone that uses us and that inserts us in the future of this country and that's the difference and that's why i think as you just talked to senator dr sanders like he is talking about. People of color rose out climate change. It's different. It's striking to me that in the number of candidates we still have twenty two. There's going to be this sharp. Drop off as we go into this third debate and i think that like there's a little bit of this electability.

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