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It but we have after film it all in twenty four hours and that kind of dictate the rules of of the series and that's kind of how those those episodes started happening so it with all kind of kind of an accident so like everybody knows rules one bite. You have your own own own website. Increase exactly the you have your own hours by I did appreciate for the for the pizza. You extended the thirty six because you that was brought under yeah you you can't. You can't just give New York City one day. There's a there's a lot of stuff to get through you. GotTa you gotTa give it the proper time the proper love okay so just for all of our hungry. Hamis out there. They just being countering you. The the series so far consists of Chicago hotdogs affiliate he stakes of which you are you you grew up with those were in your DNA already. Am I right. That's my hometown food. Yeah Yeah Austin breakfast talk. OHS New York pizza slices Buffalo Wings in Buffalo. I think right yeah in Buffalo and then the juicy St Lucie Cheeseburgers which is that that specialty in Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota did you or is it in

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