Irsay: Luck injury, absence related to bone issue


And then we get into what we were heard from Andrew luck or heard about Angela this morning from colts owner Jim Irsay on SiriusXM you would know he's been dealing with this calf issue what is life like for a long time but say told the series exam but it's similar to ones former colts players will be defensive end Raheem Brock of add he said I know everyone's had their questions about and with that sort of thing but I feel confident that he's going to find his way through this it's a leg issue this is not an Achilles tendon it's a bone issue and they said you know I'm not good at these things probably right but I he's doing very very well you know this thing is just sort of been lingering for a long time and now we hear it's more of a bone in the calf and it just makes you wonder what's up your makes me wonder is why the guy who just admitted I'm not very good at this is the guy that's talking about this information you want to talk about some of the team's wildly counterproductive to any sort of progress and they're trying to make in this area step right up Jimmer saying what was just said well yeah I mean welcome to the next are pressure you have Frankreich of right turn those questioning his learn what's going on and to that point Jim and one of the things we always say about the athletes in Mike you've made this point a million times that you know what your goals is to make sure the guys aren't answering questions about whatever you've done or whatever you've set especially if your friends roster guy I don't understand why an owner's suddenly putting his team in the situation where now they're all that this is the only thing that everybody's going to be asked about today and they have no fault but their own when they look at Jim are saying they say your the reason we're not answering questions that nobody even knew to ask

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