Democrats Stuck After Mueller Testimony


Democrats are sort of stuck between Iraq and a heart place. You spend two years telling your voters. The president trump will be ridden outta town on a rail because muller you're more shows up and it turns out that he is not solid it turns out that he is wavering it turns out that he doesn't know his own report. A Demo Republicans were basically able to establish that he was not familiar with his own stuff which means that it kind of felt like this was politically motivated and we're about have to find out in the next month whether this investigation was properly initiated and conducted Inspector General of the D._O._J.. Michael Horowitz is about to bring out a report about the beginnings of the trump Russia investigation. I'm sure that will be fascinating. Stuff is reported certainly on the Hillary investigation and was fascinating reading and pretty damning for a lot of the folks involved in all of this well Democrats are not going to let go of this and that includes the people who are most closely tied to it so Andrew McCabe who was fired from the F._B._i.. For lying to the F._B._I.. He lost his pension over it and that was because he lied to the F._B._i.. About whether he had spoken to the press with the permission of James Komi About Hillary Clinton's investigation well now Andrew McCabe is back on television suggesting it's time for Congress to pursue impeachment based on what he really can't explain not based on anything Muller said that we didn't already know for sure from my own experience at the very beginnings of this investigation we confronted some very hard choices choices that we knew would have negative repercussions on our organization on US personally and we made those choices anyway because it was our job and our duty to do so <hes> I feel strongly that that's the same position Congress's in now and they should step up to the plate and do their job. It doesn't mean that the president will be removed from office or should be removed for off from office or we'll be impeached but it is absolutely clear to me that the time has come for Congress to pursue a dedicated impeachment inquiry. This is becoming a talking point. People who are very invested in this thing are not going to let it go. It's good for trump because he can point to them. You can say listen you petty jerks. There's a full investigation. There is no recommendation of Prosecution Muller himself would not even answer whether he would prosecute me. Why in the world are we still still doing this routine? If you don't like me so much you can beat me at the ballot box by the way trump is beatable if we're all the talk about the Democrats being cast which is true right now. Trump is underwater in Ohio by four percentage points according to variables including morning consoles. He's he's underwater in Iowa now. He could still win those states. He's expected to win those states in fact against Democrat those just as popularity ratings still trump is vulnerable and yet democrats don't seem to want to run against trump. They seem to want to impeach him or at least talk about impeaching him for the purposes of smearing him as a Russian catspaw. Even though that all fell apart the other folks who were invested in this members of the media deeply invested C._N._n.. Everyday Breaking News Wolf Blitzer. We have a brand new piece of news. I work out every day and unfortunately the gym that I attend very often as C._N._N.. On and so I'm well aware of the chirons that C._N._N.. Runs every single day and the chirons for two years were about breaking news bombshell report trump's presidency over the Russia scandal explodes and then it turns out that the thing is a complete waste of time pretty much and C._N._N.. Ain't GonNa let that go because it makes them. Look bad so here on C._N._N.. Or folks yesterday trying to say listen listen listen just because Bob Muller appeared to be old and dithering doesn't mean that the underlying content isn't important guys. You're building this up because you thought that Bob Muller I was GONNA walk in like Tom Cruise in the top gun trailer and just own it and that is not the way this worked here is C._N._N..

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