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UK democracy tested by Brexit.


Coming up on the News Boris Boris Johnson Seeks UK election bid as political foes pushback the Pentagon pulse funds for military schools and day care to pay for the border wall with Mexico and trump power can map mysteriously loops in Alabama. It's Thursday September number five. I'm Anthony Davis Prime. Minister Boris Johnson kept up. He's pushed today for an early general election as a way to break Britain's brexit impasses lawmakers moved to stop the UK leaving the European Union next month without without a divorce deal already dealt stinging defeats this week from his opponents in Parliament Johnson suffered a personal blow a season brother quit the government woman saying it was not serving the national interest Boris Johnson this afternoon has appealed directly to the public with a speech arguing that politicians must go back to the people and give them the opportunity to decide what they want he called the refusal by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to endorse an election shen a cowardly insult to democracy Johnson's determination to lead Britain out to the EU on October thirty first faces strong opposition from lawmakers including members of his own Conservative Party who oppose a no deal brexit. He's brother Joe Johnson quit the government saying he could no longer endure endure the conflict between family loyalty and the national interest he said he would also step down from parliament the latest in a series of resignations by conservative moderates opposed to the government's hard line brexit stunts most economists say a no deal brexit would cause severe economic disruption and plunged the UK into recession. Jeremy Corbyn said Labor the biggest opposition party would only votes for nearly election listen if the prospect of a no deal brexit was taken off the table the Pentagon has said it would pull funding from one hundred twenty seven Defense Department projects including schools and daycare centers for military families as is it diverts three point six billion dollars to fund Donald Trump's wall along the US border with Mexico schools for the children of US military members from Kentucky stuck to Germany to Japan will be affected a daycare center joint base Andrews in Maryland. The home of Air Force One will also have its funds diverted. The Pentagon said a Pentagon official said in a briefing department was given a lawful order by trump to divert the funds on Tuesday. The Pentagon said the first one point eight billion dollars would come from projects outside the United States followed by projects inside the country Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer Huma said the trump administration's reallocation of funds was a slap in the face to members of the US military the wall was a central promise of trump's twenty twenty sixteen campaign and remained central to his immigration policies as he aims for re election in twenty twenty though his original promise rush for Mexico to pay for it seems to have lost Momentum House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi says in a coal with fellow Democrats on Tuesday a that the diversion of military funds will undermine our national security quality of life and morale of our troops and that indeed makes America America less safe when Donald Trump updated the US public Wednesday L. Hurricane Dorian he used a map that at a glance looked identical to one released by forecasters last week but observers spotted a difference a cone own sharing the storms probable path appear to have been extended with a felt tip pen to include part of the state of Alabama analysts said the president has insisted in recent days that Alabama wasn't risk. They forecast said that was not correct in an Oval Office briefing. Mr Trump pointed to a National Oceanic Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's forecast map from August twenty nine chart had a black loop marked around Alabama that was not on the original version Russian from last week. Mr Trump told reporters that Dorian would have affected a lot of of the states later on Wednesday to White House event when asked about the map map discrepancy. Mr Trump offered no explanation. I don't know I don't know I don't know he said I know Alabama. Obama was in the original forecast. They thought it would get a piece of it. He added the pen markings are similar to the famous sharpie used by Donald Donald Trump to sign his executive orders and was spotted on the president's desk. Critics are saying that the pens loop was added so as not to contradict Donald Donald Trump's tweets that falsely claimed Alabama was in the path of the storm. Some analysts noted that it is illegal to alter official weather maps APPs according to Cornell law school. US law says anyone who knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast can face up to ninety today's in prison you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. APP or ask Your Smart Speaker to play the news with Anthony Davis podcast leave us a review on. I tunes and follow us on twitter. At the news underscore podcast cost for daily updates. The news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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UK democracy tested by Brexit.

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